Traversée 2030 – volume 2

Ishtar Collection, 2021
Format 170 x 240 mm
176 pages
Four-color process on Munken polar rough paper (120g)
Graphic design Simon Dara

Artists, writers, poets and philosophers are responding to the urgency of the present, using fiction, documentary, photography and poetry to tell new stories about what could be in 2030, 40, 50, LIVE… Yes, we need to reinvent, to build the desire for a collective transformation to be more ecological, to save our democratic systems. How can we live in a world of finite resources? Where freedoms are dwindling in the face of a state of health emergency, risking civil insurrection. Where the loss of biodiversity and global warming threaten the future of new generations, and where inequalities are on the rise…
Behind this apocalyptic picture, a halo of light emerges from interconnected positive conspiracies, spaces of resistance inhabited by values other than consumerism and unbridled growth; men and women in search of more humanity, more poetry, the invention of new knowledge.

From this reality, and through the play of forward-looking writing, these linked beings imagine new narratives, new utopias. This Crossing takes us on a journey spanning some thirty years, with characters from novels, environmental activists and poets in its wake. In the course of these proposals, a fable may be born in which the animals and trees take power from the beard of humans, caught at the throat of their egotistical blindness. And in the distance, unchanging, the peaks of the celestial mountains…


Boris Bergman (writer), Rodolphe Blavy (economist), Marie de Brugerolle, (curator), Céline Cadaureille, (artist), Théo Casciani (writer), Véronique Caye (video artist), Gilles Collard (philosopher), Rosanna Gangemi (art philosopher), Mathias Gervais de Lafond (architect, publisher), Thierry Grillet (historian), Nathalie Guiot, Olivier Liron (writer), Tara Londi (eco-feminist), Eva Nielsen (painter), Eugénie Paultre (philosopher, painter and poet), Joana Preiss (actress, director), Yann Perreau (author, art critic), Julien and Guillaume Serve (artists).


Series of photographs by Nicolas Floc’h, Paintings by Eva Nielsen, works from the collection of Nathalie Guiot including Hiroshi Sugimoto, Dirk Braeckman, Davide Balula, Geert and Uwe Tobias, Jose Maria Sicilia, Simone Fattal…