Tote bag
Adrien Vescovi

In 100% unbleached cotton 245 gr/m2
40 x 40 cm
Screen printing on fabric
Limited edition of 300 pieces

Since its opening, the Foundation has commissioned several works that integrate the house. After Lionel Estève, Valérie Mannaerts, Alex Cecchetti, the duo Florentine and Alexandre Lamarche-Ovize the foundation invites the artist Adrien Vescovi to create two textile mural installations for both of the Foundation’s houses in Brussels and Arles.

As an extension of this order, Adrien Vescovi created a tote bag in the spirit of his mural work.

Adrien Vescovi’s work consists of displacements and infusions of landscapes on malleable textile fibre materials (linen canvases, sheets). Made from decoctions of plants or minerals, ochres and earths, the dyeing takes over from the painting. The painting process consists of exhausting the colour by successive rinses or by the multiple meteorological transformations of the canvases exposed to the vagaries of atmospheric impulses (sunlight, rain, wind, pollution, etc.). Working in the manner of an alchemist, his method is inspired by skills that require an almost scientific and intuitive knowledge of the material.

The Soleil Blanc project on which he is working is a narrative made up of different stages or series. The title of this project comes from the memory of the sun reverberating off the snow, a childhood memory of dazzling, saturating light.

Adrien Vescovi reexamines with contemporary textile design the idea of a free-standing canvas and painting at an architectural and natural scale. He assembles temporalities, using colours sourced from the air, earth and fire. His painting is a form of sewing. Chance is his ally. In 2022, his work will be visible in a solo exhibition at the gallery Albarrán Bourdais in Madrid, at the Casino du Luxembourg, at the Yvon Lambert bookshop in Paris or in the streets of Ghent in Belgium for a project with 019 Ghent. In 2021, he participated in the 22nd prize of the Fondation Pernod Ricard and had a solo exhibition at the contemporary art centre Le Grand Café in Saint Nazaire, France. Since 2917, he lives and works in Marseille. He is represented by Albarrán Bourdais Gallery.