Les Monts Analogues de René Daumal

Under the direction of Boris Bergmann – Foreword by Patti Smith

Gallimard Editions, 2021

230 pp.

19,6 cm × 24,8 cm

This publication is the first enlarged and illustrated reprint of René Daumal‘s cult novel Mont Analogue, in which a masked mountain serves as a passageway between our world and the sky, between the real and the imaginary.

Published under the direction of Boris Bergmann, by Gallimard, and with the support of the Thalie Foundation and the Luma Foundation, René Daumal’s Monts Analogues tells the story of the plural posterity of a unique book. Patti Smith wrote the preface to this edition, which includes previously unpublished works by Daumal, interviews – with the Chilean film director Alejandro Jodorowsky – essays, and the works of artists – of all ages, from all countries, and from all arts – who were inspired by Daumal’s text.