Kiki Smith, Inner Bodies — Exhibit leaflet

Publisher: Fondation Thalie
Texts: Kiki Smith, Nathalie Guiot
Photography of works: Michel Figuet

Published at 500 copies
Format: 21 x 15 cm, 40 pages
Legal deposit: April 2022
Isbn: 978-2-9601678-7-0

Copyright © Fondation Thalie, 2022

This exhibit leaflet is the first in the Foundation Thalie’s exhibition booklet collection. It is published in tandem with the exhibition Inners Bodies by Kiki smith, on view from 13 January to 18 June 2022.

Inner Bodies brings together a corpus of some thirty works, including sculptures, tapestries and ceramics, made throughout the 2000s, most of which are presented in Brussels for the first time.
The artist’s desire to represent the materiality of bodies is evident, as well as cosmogony through cultures. Her work epitomizes a feminine pantheon, in forests inhabited by a cosmic bestiary.