Pièce Numéro 5
Anne Agdabou-Masson

Single copy, 2021
Orange sandstone
40 x 48 cm

Coming from the world of theatre, Anne Agbadou-Masson discovers the work of clay out of a need: above all, to express herself and to escape from the dependence of the desire of others. Born in Paris of an Ivorian father and a French mother, her sculptures testify her mixed origin; her hands, bearers of history. All pieces are handmade and unique, produced in stoneware, porcelain and earthenware, under the name Anneagma, a contraction of her two names.
In 2019, the artist has been invited by Maison Dior to create twenty-five unique pieces inspired by the colours of Marrakech. This unprecedented collaboration unveils a series of vases that evoke feminine icons with graceful curves, or mysterious marine creatures.
“I am very happy to present these new creations. My way of working is highly instinctive. I tackle this material out of a vital need, that of being in harmony with myself. At the crossroads of art and craft, my work bears the traces of the past. My hands, bearers of History. Without any preconceived ideas, I try my hand at pieces that require meticulousness: I try to go to the limits of clay. The constraint is positive and pushes me to my limits. I like this contradiction: the search for mastery and at the same time keeping the organic material which leads me to feel. I am truly inhabited by creation and I hope that I give to see singular pieces, both powerful and sensual.”

Anne Agbadou-Masson was born in Paris.
After studying Plastic Arts and Art History, she finally decided to turn to theater.
And it is in 2016 that her need to express herself becomes vital.
She chooses clay as a means of expression and learns the technique of the wheel from the ceramic sculptor Gregoire Scalabre.
The shock is immediate. Working with clay is like finding a forgotten instinct. Armed with this, she does not hesitate to dive into an intimate quest that forces her to work a bridge between the West and Africa.
Her sculptures are spotted by Dior Maison which offers her a collaboration in 2019 of unique pieces.
She is exhibited at the Dominique Fiat Gallery in 2020.
And just finished a commission for Studio Gild, an interior design firm, based in Los Angeles and Chicago.

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